Meet Sr. Stephanie

03-26-2017The Sisters CornerSr. Stephanie

I am Sr. Stephanie, I'm from Perú and I am very happy to now be here in Tempe, to serve His Plan and His Mission here and to get to know you.

I'm very grateful that God has chosen me to be His Servant. It has been 9 years since I answered the lovely Call of God.

I had never thought of being a nun, but in my heart I yearned to give my life to people in need. I discovered when I attended a social project for helping poor children that my heart was made to love God through not just one or two people. He was calling me to love Him through all His sons and daughters. The Voice of the Lord hasn’t disappeared from my heart even as the years pass. His Voice continues to call me everyday in many ways: in the people that I encounter, in my sisters of community, and in many situations of a common day. That makes me very happy and it makes me want to love Him more and to follow His steps wherever He takes me. He has given me more than I could have ever imagined!

Meet Sr. Maria Alejandra

03-12-2017The Sisters CornerSr. Maria Alejandra

Being a Servant of the Plan of God… I’m so thankful for God because when He looked at me, He chose me to be a Servant of the Plan of God. I had always wanted to give my life for the needy, especially for those I saw on the street and for the ones who were sick. Growing up I discovered that there were also people who suffer in a spiritual way. I realized that Jesus was inviting me to carry not only my cross, but also the cross of others. Then I met the sisters. It was beautiful for me to see that they have my same desires. Now I can say that I’m extremely happy being with Jesus and a part of His mission in the Servants of the Plan of God.

Meet Sr. Maria Jose

03-05-2017The Sisters CornerSr. Maria Jose

It is an immense display of God´s mercy for me, that God has called me to be a Servant of the Plan of God. Since I was little I always had a great desire to be very close to Jesus. To be a missionary, able to transmit to all people His love. In a world that seeks to eliminate the external signs; He gave me this vocation and the opportunity to wear a habit. Showing with my presence that God exists, that He is alive and that He is the answer to our deepest desires of happiness. He also has given me sisters with the same desires of our hearts. As we support each other to reach our common goal of attaining eternal life in heaven with Him and thus helping many people to be saved.

Sr. Maria Jose

Meet Sr. Maria Christina

02-26-2017The Sisters CornerSr. Maria Cristina

I am Sr. Maria Cristina. I’m 22 years old and I entered the community when I was 19 years old. All my life God has been taking care of me and guiding me so that I could answer His call. Sometimes when I look back at my story I am surprised to see the cry of the love of God that said to me: “Follow me, I have chosen you”. If I had to summarize my testimony I would do it in one phrase: “all of myself and forever”.

“All of myself”: because my entire life is for God and to serve Him in the needy, in the ones who suffer and in those who are in need of consolation, counsel and love.

“Forever”: because as I started to discern my vocation, I fell in love with the fact that I understood my yes as a yes to anything He wanted to ask of me. Any mission He wanted to give me in any country He wanted me to be serve in. In a full apostolic life open to His Plan with other sisters who share the same joy as mine and who also will proclaim the wonders of God to everyone.

I’m extremely happy to be a Servant of the Plan of God. Every time I talk about it, I feel like I have won the lottery!

Being a Servant of the Plan of God

02-19-2017The Sisters Corner

A young women’s discernment process starts as she begins to perceive “the call” from God as well as getting to know our order in a more personal manner.

The process proceeds when she expresses verbally the yearning; to know more about our vocation and mission. During this time, we invite and assist her with going into a deeper spiritual prayer life, self- knowledge, spending more time getting to know the community and our mission. This is our way of support, thus giving her the necessary tools that she will need for the discernment.

After a period of personal time and witnessing certain signs that are going towards the direction of the consecrated life, the next step is getting to know the community, living with us for a period of time, which helps to confirm her original sense of “the call” . This is called the “Communitarian Experience.”

We receive three years of formation. Part of the formation includes an apostolic experience, which happens towards the end of formation. The sisters are assigned to one of our apostolic communities to live out our mission of living among the people before returning to the formation house.

We then enter the permanent formation. Continuing our college courses and our studies in pastoral and theology formation. During this very important period, we continue our personal growth as part of the community. We engage through different ministerial opportunities as we move forward toward our temporal profession until our perpetual profession.

Our Mission...

02-12-2017The Sisters Corner

Serving our brothers and sisters who are ill, in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hospices, and similar services.

Evangelizing through the care, management and the proclamation of the Word, in retreat houses and formation centers teaching the faith of the Church and leading spiritual exercises.

As Christians educating and offering formation to the needy and the poor, announcing the Good News of the Lord Jesus, and communicating with fidelity the faith of the Church.

Living in loving solidarity with the needy. Working and assisting towards the promotion of the human condition, within the spirit of the Gospel and utilizing the social teaching of the Church. Keeping in mind that out of service to our brother the evangelizing dynamism is born and with the perspective that both proclaiming the Gospel and service are intimately linked.

Servants Around the World

02-05-2017The Sisters Corner

We have received many blessings over the years and with the grace of God many doors have opened in different countries around the world.

Our headquarters are in Lima-Peru and for this reason we have several Apostolic Communities serving in the various missions we have. We are also in two provinces in Peru: Ayacucho and Ayaviri.

Our presence in Latin America is extended to other countries as Colombia, Chile and Ecuador, evangelizing people of all ages, with different needs in their lives. Serving the Church directly in Rome has also been a blessing. We have sisters serving the needs of the Church there in many different ways.

Going to other continents continues to be a challenge. However, we believe that God wants us in the Philippines and Angola because of their status’ as mission territories, with many needs. Through the years of serving the Church in Angola and the Philippines, we have experienced an existing deep hunger for God. It is believed that this hunger is partly satisfied as they continue to encounter the testimonies of people trying to fulfill that hunger and need.

And now with God we face our new challenge in coming to United States. We are open to His grace during this beautiful time. We are so grateful to God with our first community in Arizona!

More About Our History

01-29-2017The Sisters Corner

Our community continues to grow as more women come together wanting to bear witness to HIS offering of eternal love from the cross. Women who carry other’s crosses as an offering and bearing witness to our Lord’s own giving of love, warmth, tenderness, compassion and in solidarity joyfully announcing faith and charity.

In the year dedicated to the Holy Spirit, as we were moving towards the Jubilee of the year 2000, in the Archdiocese of Lima, Peru , our community: Servants of the Plan of God was established on August 15 1998, (the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

We remain open to the influence of the Holy Spirit through a maturation process that achieves the form of a canonical society in apostolic life. Thus allowing us to continue to serve HIS people as part of the awe inspiring Mission of the Church.

Our History

01-22-2017The Sisters Corner

The Lord has his own ways. Looking at our own history, we regard our birth as a gift for the service of the Church.

In the past the presence of religious communities, was perhaps more common, in hospitals or clinics as well as far away mission places where people were deprived of spiritual support and help in the moments of pain, found a spiritual solace in those difficult moments that required a look of hope and spiritual connection.

Now a days, in the need that exists to give testimony of the Lord, showing the world His mercy and charity, (especially in various situations that are marked by the pain and suffering of the person), where the explicit presence of the consecrated life is in some places even smaller, the Holy Spirit created us to exist as a response to this need.

Our Community Life

01-15-2017The Sisters Corner

Community life is a fundamental part of the vocation of a servant. As the community of the Apostles who gathered around Mary focusing their lives in the Lord Jesus, we also seek to live, love and bear witness of Him in the world.

Each servant encounters in her community life, an excellent way to receive the grace of God and try to learn to be more like the Lord Jesus, in His love, His mercy and His unconditional surrender for others. In our community life, we find a privileged space to experience friendships in the Lord. It is also a space of knowledge and an encounter where we celebrate our faith and share the grace and the gift of our vocation as we prepare to serve better in the mission.

Anticipating that our communities are sealed by an intense spirit of family, of Christian charity, of sisterhood and joy; as servants, we live happily with other sisters who also discovered the call to give their lives to the service of God and to the neediest people.

Our Prayer Life

01-08-2017The Sisters Corner

In answering the call that God invites us to accept, we seek to put our Lord Jesus as the foundation of our lives. We aspire to live foundationally in the dimensions of personal and communal prayer.

We strive to live our lives daily as if in continuous prayer that rises to the Father giving glory and praise. We seek to live intensely our sacramental life, actively participating in the Sacred Liturgy, and nourish our spiritual life with the reading of Scriptures, Divine Lectio, praying the Rosary, among other forms of prayer. Participation in the Eucharistic Celebration along with daily visits to the Blessed Sacrament are necessary in our daily encounter with the Lord. In these encounters we are strengthened daily and we renew our participation in the Paschal Mystery, referring to our sense of our apostolic service which is the means we have to offer of ourselves.

Similarly, we are called to an apostolic life. We aspire to live our daily life with the characteristics of the spirituality of action. Looking for the unity with the Lord in everything. The inspiration of Mary, Our Lady, who preserves and ponders all the things in her heart (LK 2,19.51), guiding us to continue along the path of life in prayer.

Our Mission

01-01-2017The Sisters Corner

To accomplish our mission, we are inspired by the model of Our Lady as a Servant. In particular, in the passages of the Visitation and the Wedding at Cana. Mary goes to serve to her cousin Elizabeth carrying the Word in her virginal womb. She brings the Good News and at the same time is in solidarity with Elizabeth in service to her in times of need. At the Wedding at Cana, Holy Mary is exemplary in her attitude of prompt and effective service to the needy. Expressing in her actions the closeness with her Son. She trusts him unconditionally and that is the reason She intercedes before him for the needs of others.

Mary is our model of service. We desire to live and serve as She did in these delightful passages, with the same attitudes that She did.

Our passion is to bring Jesus to the world. Announcing with joy the Gospel through service. Arising from the encounter of the love of Christ and with the charity with which we seek to serve all of our brothers and sisters but especially, the fragile, sick, poor and needy people and our suffering brothers and sisters. Our priorities are in health service, formation in the faith, education, assistance and promoting human dignity.