Encountering Christ in the Refugees and Asylum Seekers

You have probably heard "ICE is dropping off refugees in Phoenix". These are not "illegal aliens". They are not felons. Most these days, are families often with very small children. They have been interviewed by Customs and Border Patrol and approved to stay and apply for asylum.

Leaving poverty and violence

These refugees and asylum seekers are leaving extreme poverty and danger from violence. We are dealing with one part of the whole situation. We cannot control who comes to us - Homeland Security does that. We cannot control who is allowed to stay - US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does that.

To non-believers, we are serving in a "humanitarian crisis". To believers, we are meeting Christ in the poor.

What they need

  • Clothes and food, sometimes medical attention
  • Help contacting their sponsors in other States
  • Help making travel arrangements
  • Help getting to the bus station
  • Some need to stay overnight because it takes a while to make arrangements

How can we help?


The people arriving need our prayers. Pray for safe travel to their families and an end to the turmoil they left behind. Volunteers and those who are hosting this family are also in need of our prayers


Volunteers are needed in many capacities, helping in giving hospitality and orientation to newly arrived, organizing and distributing resources, preparing and serving meals, organizing children’s activities, registering families and helping them make travel arrangements, driving families to the bus stop, etc.


Donate Goods

Many of the families need essential clothing items and backpacks for the long journey on Greyhound. Hygiene and health items are very much required as they arrive in Phoenix and for their travel Food and water is needed for the time they stay in Phoenix.


Donate Funds

Some families don’t have the money to buy the bus ticket to arrive to their destinations where their sponsors will host them, you can donate to help them get there sooner. Churches and organization hosting asylum seekers need funds to keep on running. During the summer they have to pay air conditioning, water services, etc.


Volunteer Registration Form

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