Getting to Know Us: Sisters of the Servants of the Plan of God

The Servants of the Plan of God is a new religious community inspired from de Holy Spirit as an answer for this Third Millennium. We are a community of consecrated women who live the  Full Apostolic Availability, living in community and giving ourselves to God in evangelization and solidarity in service.

We were founded on August 15. 1998 with the approval of the Cardinal Augusto Vargas Alzamora S.J. Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru. Our particular spirituality received the approval of Pope Saint John Paul II.

The Servants feel the invitation of the Lord Jesus to live apostolate preaching the Gospel to all. We seek to live charity intensively but particularly with people who have material or spiritual needs. We consecrate ourselves to evangelize youth, culture, family and we give special attention to fragile, sick and poor people and to our brothers and sisters who suffer.

We wear a habit that identifies us, so that in this apostolic service and charitable work we carry out, our explicit support to the faith of the Church and its mission may be recognized. Actually we develop our apostolic mission in countries of America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

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