Marriage Preparation - Financial Considerations

Many couples feel awkward asking about financial aspects of the wedding celebration. This is intended to be a guide for you. We are here to serve you, so please feel free to ask for assistance if these arrangements cannot be fulfilled.

Session Fees

There is a $100.00 fee for our Unitas Program. This will be paid at your first Unitas night. All checks are to be made payable to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. There is a fee of $20 for the FOCCUS/REFOCCUS Assessment. This is paid via credit card when you take the assessment.

The Church

The typical donation for a registered parishioner is $100.00.

The Priest or Deacon

The services of the priest or deacon are provided by Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Any gift is at the discretion of the couple. If you choose to give your priest or deacon a gift, it must be written directly to him.

The Wedding Coordinator

Our Lady of Mount Carmel has a wonderful service to you, a Wedding Coordinator. Your coordinator will be available to answer all of your questions concerning the planning of your wedding ceremony. She will run the rehearsal and set up and assist you on the day of your wedding. Her fee for this is $100.00. We like to encourage your families and friends to participate in the wedding celebration; therefore, we suggest that you provide wedding programs (which include the lyrics to the songs). The cost of the programs is $40.00. In order to ensure that all copyright laws dealing with music are honored, we need to print your programs if the song lyrics are included. [We renew the copyright privileges and pay the fees on an annual basis.] Please contact one of our Wedding Coordinators for additional information at

Sound Engineer

The use of our Sound Engineer is required to assist the musicians, run the sound system, and project Mass responses during your wedding. This also ensures that the sound system functions properly at your wedding. The fee for this service is $85.00 which includes sound engineering and Mass response projection. Song lyrics may be projected if requested at no extra cost.

Music Ministers

Fees vary. Please contact Wedding Music Coordinator, Nikki Garza at for more information.