11-11-2023Stewardship Reflection

Wisdom is a central theme in our readings today. It is one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, key to living the stewardship way of life in our complex world. As Christian stewards, we should rely on this gift and ask the Holy Spirit to increase it within us. Jesus teaches the importance of wisdom in our Gospel passage from Matthew. He tells the parable of ten virgins awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom who will welcome them in to the wedding feast.


Give to God what is God's

10-21-2023Stewardship Reflection

Today’s readings encourage us Christian stewards to always be mindful of who we are and Whose we are in every aspect of our lives.

Jesus reminds us of this truth in our Gospel passage today as He cleverly puts the Pharisees in their place during their attempt to verbally entrap Him. They ask Him whether it is lawful to pay the tax to Caesar. But the Pharisees were thinking small. Christ, on the other hand, thinks big.


Everyday Stewardship

02-13-2022Stewardship Reflection

Today’s readings speak of an essential quality for the Christian steward— hope. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, “Hope is thetheological virtue by which we desire the kingdom of heaven andeternal life as our happiness, placing our trust in Christ’s promises andrelying not on our own strength but on the help of the grace of the HolySpirit (CCC 1817).” In many ways, this is the very definition of astewardship way of life — focusing on eternity as we live our daily livesand relying on God to provide for our needs and satisfy our deepestlongings for meaning and happiness right now.


Weathering the Storm

06-19-2021Stewardship Reflection

Our readings today remind us that God always has our best interests in mind. No matter what is going on in our lives, God is with us.

In our Gospel today, Jesus and His disciples are traveling in a boat when heavy winds and violent waves begin to overwhelm the boat. Jesus was there sleeping in the boat in the midst of this horrific storm.


Our True Home

06-12-2021Stewardship Reflection

As we enter back into Ordinary Time, our readings today remind us that heaven is our true home and that we cannot make it there without God’s assistance.

In our First Reading, the prophet Ezekiel foretells the coming of the Kingdom of God. We can see that Jesus is the Seder that will become refuge for all people. He will humble the proud, lift up the lowly and produce good fruit in the weakened. It is God who does the wondrous works.


Everyday Stewardship

06-05-2021Stewardship Reflection

Today we celebrate Corpus Christi — the Body and Blood of Christ. Jesus’ Body and Blood was sacrificed for us on Calvary, but before that excruciating event, He humbly bound Himself to human hands in the Eucharist. As St. Thomas Aquinas expresses, “In this sacrament sins are purged away, virtues are increased, the soul satiated with an abundance of every spiritual gift. No other sacrament is so beneficial.”

Our Gospel today recounts the Last Supper. As Jesus ate the Passover meal with His apostles, He broke bread, telling them, “This is my Body,” and again, poured wine, saying, “This is my Blood… which will be shed for many.” In this moment, Jesus sacrificially gave us Himself in the Eucharist by foreshadowing His passion, death and resurrection.