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PP on the Ropes

09-08-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

Maybe we are finally hitting critical mass in the push back against abortion. Planned Parenthood is finding itself on the losing side for a change. In a Court in Maricopa County a jury awarded a $3million judgment against PP in a wrongful termination suit. The woman, Mayra Rodriguez, a clinical manager for abortion clinics in NE Phoenix and Glendale for 15yrs was fired by Planned Parenthood for reporting what was really going on in the clinics. Ironically, the woman went to work for PP because she wanted to ensure women had access to medically decent abortion clinics. Except what she saw was medically deficient care. The trial revealed what we’ve come to expect from ‘the high quality’ healthcare from Murder, Inc.:

  • One doctor’s abortion patients experienced an unusual number of complications. 
  • The doctor was requiring medical assistants “before the [abortion] procedure to sign an afidavit stating the proper things were removed after the surgery was done.” The medical assistants believed “the attestations were premature, wrong, and illegal because the abortion surgery had not yet been performed and they were concerned about the quality and thoroughness of the procedures.”
  • In one horrific example, the doctor refused to confirm he had completed the abortion. Yet he inserted an IUD in the patient. The medical assistant then had to call him back to complete the abortion.
  • A manager violated state law by not reporting that a minor with an adult partner was seeking abortion.
  • In FY 2017, PPA had 96 abortion specific incidents and 110 in FY 2016. That’s 96 women and 110 women that experienced abortion complications. The abortion industry may tout their low percentages of complications, but those are real women with real complications.

Following Mayra’s termination, PPA employees went in her o!ce and started shredding her records, the records “of all the patients he [the doctor] has messed up.”

This particular physician still works for PP. Caveat emptor.

In Missouri, the last remaining PP Abortion Clinic will be closing its doors after the State refused to grant an operating license to the Clinic for the past 5 years because it was in violation of basic sanitary and medical procedures that apply to any outpatient medical clinic.

The irony in both these cases is that Pro-Lifers are often accused of wanting to bring back the days of back alley abortions and coat hangers when all the while the actual LEGAL abortion clinics have been running them all along! And I thought Roe v. Wade made abortion safe? I have to admire the ex-PP employee who dimed them out for keeping her logic intact. Apparently, she was serious about women’s healthcare and didn't hid behind the justification that substandard medical care is justified so that nothing interferes with a “woman’s right to choose” not even sterile medical instruments, basic health and safety codes or life-saving treatment in the case of complications. This is how Kermit Gosnell got away with running his house of horrors in Philadelphia for so long as State Inspectors refused to inspect the Abortion Clinic for fear of being accused of interfering with a woman’s right to have an abortion. As a result, untold numbers of babies were butchered alive, women died and many others were permanently injured. So, I wonder, how many women have suffered serious medical complications from dirty clinics and unscrupulous abortionists and are afraid to tell because they will be accused of being anti-women, anti-abortion or right-wing conspiracy theorists?

PP is definitely on the defensive these days. They have agreed to forgo all Federal Title X Family Planning Funding, about 60million taxpayer dollars a year after the White House issued a new rule that requires Women’s Healthcare facilities to be separate from their abortion clinics. And in an even deeper irony the 9th Circuit Court upheld the rule! Times are a changing! Good. Apparently, the President never got the memo that Republicans don’t actually want to defund PP they just use it as a talking point during campaign season!

In the case of David Daleiden, who produced the undercover videos of PP officials describing their illegal selling of baby parts and bragging about full-term aborted babies as their most pro"table sales, the absurd charges against him in both Texas and California have mostly been dropped. Two of the companies that purchased the baby parts are now out of business and the Court lifted the ban on showing the videos to the public. As this case unravels it should reveal more and more about PP’s inner workings and deceptions.

Finally, PP fired its new President for promoting PP as women’s healthcare and not an abortion provider. Strange how for years PP tried to tell us that abortion was only a small part of their business but women’s healthcare was its primary concern. Now at least the pretense is gone.


Fr. John B.