Issues Facing Us Today

10-10-2021Weekly ReflectionFr. Charlie Goraieb

Dear Friends,

This is the second Sunday of Pro-life Month in which we will be dedicating our homilies to some of the pressing issues facing us today. Last week we spoke about abortion and this week will be focused on racism. In the next three weeks we will talk about contraception, euthanasia and end-of-life issues and finally, the dangers facing families today.

These are controversial topics and not easily preached to an assembly that includes many under-aged children. All of us priests are aware of that and will do our best to be attentive to these challenges, but we all agree it is important for Catholics to hear Church teaching clearly proclaimed by their shepherds.

First Things magazine had a very interesting article by the highly acclaimed Mary Eberstadt, entitled “A Tale of Two Pregnancies.” She portrays two fictional women who, when faced with unexpected pregnancies, made different choices which set them on very different life trajectories. Because Eberstadt fairly shows the motivations and reasoning of both women without creating strawmen (or women), she leaves it up to the reader to decide whose life turned out the best. Here is the

Our Community Forum took place last Wednesday (October 6th),which, unfortunately is past our bulletin publication deadline, so look for a summary of that event in next Sunday’s bulletin. But on September 29th I gathered with about 20 people to discuss ideas on how to stir up the spirit of evangelization in the parish. While there are numerous, very good things going on in our parish, the effects of the lockdown dismantled a lot of ministries. It is also the case that many parishioners have still not returned to Church even though they are once again under obligation to do so. How do we reach out to these people that have not returned? What about the rest of the Catholics in our neighborhood who go to Mass rarely, if ever? How do we connect with them?

Some excellent ideas emerged at this gathering that I look forward to processing with the staff and other leaders. Many of them will be included in the larger Pastoral Plan that is in the works. More to come.

A further reminder that November 5th is the starting date for preparing to make/renew your consecration to Mary on December8th. In addition to the book (our free version or one that you purchase) and the group studies that the parish will host, you can log on to to "nd a series of videos that can be watched alone or in a group. The link to that site is If you have not yet signed up for Formed, I strongly recommend it. There are many wonderful resources—movies, audio books, Catholic teachings, lives of the saints and much more, all available at no charge to the members of our parish. Register yourself by going to so you can get full and free access to all the great materials. When you register do it under Parish Registration for Our Lady of Mount Carmel and not Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Contact Kelly Martin at the Parish Office if you need assistance.

A plug for our big school event: Night to Soar, to be held on Saturday, November 6th at St Andrew’s Church in Chandler. In the absence of the parish festival, this is the main fundraiser for the school. We are looking for businesses to Sponsor the Gala. Tickets for the dinner and event are $100 and can be purchased on the school website or the school office.

If you own your own business (or know someone who does) and would like to be a sponsor, please reach out to Ashley Hall We are also in need of items for the auction. The list includes:

Grill / Black Stone / Smoker
Yeti Cooler
Fine Jewelry
Apple Watch / Apple iPad
Gift Certificates and Gift Cards
Event Tickets
Weekend at a Cabin, Hotel Stays
Vacation Packages/ Time Shares
American Girl Doll
Sports Memorabilia
Patio Furniture

There is a rumor that an evening of bluegrass music at your home by my band, Sweet Waters, is one of the items to be auctioned. If a few families go in on this, it could be a fun event. Just a thought :)To make this event successful we will need a full parish effort. Thank you for your support.

God bless you,
Fr Charlie Goraieb