05-15-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Charlie Goraieb

Dear Friends,

I want to invite you to come on Sunday (this) afternoon to listen to the beautiful classical sonatas of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary performed by Esther Witherell on violin, accompanied by harpsichord. These pieces, composed in the 16th century, will inspire you in their beauty and spiritual depth. Please, do not miss this opportunity to experience a small piece of our rich tradition of Catholic liturgical music.

As of this writing, everyone in America is aware of the notorious leak of Justice Sam Alito’s 1st Draft of the Justices’ decision on the Dobbs v Jackson case. As many pro-lifers were cautiously expecting, 5 (or perhaps 5) U.S. Supreme Court Justices finally, after 49 years, declared the infamous Roe v Wade decision to have been wrongly decided. Basically, Justice Alito says that his predecessors invented every premise for their baseless decision. And given the controversial nature of the very topic, they threw our country into a state of intense civil conflict for nearly half a century. Wise pro-lifers will hold off celebrating until the decision is officially released by the court, but if this 1st Draft holds up, the diabolical lie that the killing of an unborn child is a “constitutional right” will have been exposed for what it is.

But even if the Court reaffirms what we know to be in the draft, the battle is far from over. What the Supreme Court decision will do is hand the issue over regarding the legality of abortion back to the individual states. As of right now, 25 states will either ban abortion outright or impose severe restrictions, leaving the others to allow the killing of the unborn with little or no restrictions.

I understand Justice Alito’s reasoning in wanting to allow our elected representatives, rather than unelected justices, to make this decision of how we deal with abortion. And while that sounds democratic, he (and the justices who concur with him) will be failing to acknowledge that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life and is not an issue that should/or can be decided by popular vote or by our elected representatives. These justices should declare that abortion is murder and must be outlawed throughout our entire nation. To do otherwise is like putting on the election ballot a proposition to decide if rape or child abuse should, in certain circumstances, be permitted, depending on the outcome of the vote. 

I am grateful that after years of living in a land that for so long upheld the fiction that the killing of innocent children is a constitutional right, the lie of Roe v Wade will finally be exposed and denounced. But allowing states to manufacture their own rationale for this atrocious crime is simply to dress Roe v Wade in new clothes. How many more innocent children have to be killed for us to come to our collective senses and repent for this atrocious crime?

Thank you and God bless, Fr Charlie Goraieb