05-20-2022Weekly ReflectionFr. Charlie Goraieb

Dear Friends,

At the back of the Sanctuary, on the ambo side, you will notice a small wooden cabinet attached to the wall. It holds the three jars of Holy Oils that we use throughout the year in the sacraments of Baptism, Anointing of the Sick and Confirmation.

This cabinet, officially known as an Ambry (from the Latin word armarium, for closet) can be found in most Catholic Churches. In older churches it is recessed into the wall, but in most newer churches you will see one like ours, prominently displayed. Ours was built by the same company that made our ambo, matching the wood, the stain and brass accents. My “thanks” to the parishioners who donated the funds.

We are very blessed to have Fr Aaron in residence at our parish while he pursues his advanced degree at ASU. He comes from a very poor part of Ghana, where Catholics make up only 15% of the population. One of Fr. Aaron’s passions is to promote education for the children in his diocese. When he sells his books, he does so with the intention of using the proceeds to support the Immaculate Conception Elementary School. There are 100 students in the school, most of whom are unable to pay for the school uniform or even shoes. In consultation with the his collogue, Fr Gustave, they have estimated that $100 per student would be sufficient to supply the uniform, shoes and other necessary supplies. If 100 of us each adopt a student, we could make it possible for all of them to have the necessities we so easily take for granted in our country. All donors will be assigned a particular student that you can pray for and who will be praying for you, their benefactor. If you like, you can join forces with another family and do it together. (I intend to adopt two, so that leaves 98). Please make checks out to OLMC or give online through the Kiosks or the website. Thank you for your generosity.

John and Toni Logan, veterans of marriage preparation and various other ministries, have agreed to help organize a marriage enrichment program for our parish. Their vision is to provide an opportunity for couples of all ages to meet both in various settings to fellowship, to hear good speakers and to support one another in their vocations.

This initiative could not come at a better time, when marriage is under fierce attack in our culture, making it very difficult for couples to find the encouragement and resources they need to work through problems or simply deepen their love and understanding for each other. The Logans’ had their first meeting this past week, but they are still in need of team members to help them get this off the ground. If you want to go deeper in your own marriage and at the same time help other couples, please contact the Logans’ at toni@olmctempe.com  or call the office and leave your contact info so they can get back to you.

Thank you and God bless, Fr Charlie Goraieb