The Sisters Corner

Enjoy re-reading the weekly reflections from the Sisters of The Servants of the Plan of God.

Our Apostolate in Chile

05-28-2017The Sisters Corner

We want to share with you our mission in Chile. We have three different communities in Santiago de Chile with varied kinds of missions.

One of the missions, that we work in is “Fundacion Las Rosas”, a Foundation that serves the elderly. Most of who have been abandoned by their families. At this institution we have received the gift of being able to accompany them in this very integral way. We believe it’s a very special mission to serve Jesus through them preparing their hearts to the encounter with God.

In the other two communities we work with young people that are in schools and in the university. We also work in different parishes giving catechesis for the sacraments, formation in faith and formation for volunteering and pastoral care.

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Our Apostolate in Colombia

05-21-2017The Sisters Corner

Our Apostolate in Colombia…In 2002 we opened our first foundation outside Peru: Colombia. Today, we are in the town of Marinilla, Antioquia. We have several missions, we feel, where the Lord wants us to serve. We would like to share some of them with you.

In the social pastoral area, we have the opportunity to help the elderly and people that are homeless. We do this ministry in coordination with “Accion Cartitativa” (Project of the Diocese).

In the pastoral health area, we visit those who lacking in this necessity of life. We also do pastoral work at the universities, accompanying the students and workers of “Universidad Catolica de Oriente”, providing formation in the Catholic faith and developing projects for the students to volunteer their services.

Through our service, we seek to be open to all the needs of the church. Nowadays, we assist in ministries in different parishes, such as: preparation for the sacraments, retreats and mission trips. We also have a project “Alegria y Esperanza” where we catechize people in human promotion in a very poor town in Marinilla.

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Our Apostolate in South America Ecuador

05-14-2017The Sisters Corner

As we are called by the Lord to serve the most needy people, we have a Pastoral and Solidarity Center named “Nuestra Señora de la Reconciliación” (Our Lady of Reconciliation) located in Tarifa (a very poor town of Guayaquil). With a group of volunteers we assist families that live there and give them a pastoral care through catechesis, preparing them for the sacraments, with courses of faith formation. We also seek to contribute to the social development of the people through human promotion with Labor Training Workshops.

Also, in Guayaquil, we have a center for young and adult women with mental disabilities called “Jacinta y Francisco”. We seek to educate and form them (along with their families) through the Catholic faith by providing them with everything necessary to maximize their skills and abilities so that in order to be socially and professionally integrated. This apostolate is with the help of a professional staff that is dedicated to the participants.

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Our Missions in Other Countries

05-07-2017The Sisters Corner

Our apostolate in Peru is called “Encuentra a Cristo”. In the city of Lima, one of the apostolic projects that we have is called “Encuentra a Cristo” (“Find Christ”) in which every week we go to visit, with a group of volunteers, those who are the forgotten, facing the hard life of living in the streets of the city.

For each one of us, as Servants of the Plan of God, it’s a pleasure to serve Jesus through them, asking us for help. We believe that God never forgets any of His children. He will do everything to have them return back to Him. We too want them to have the experience of God’s love. A love that always find us, even if we have committed mistakes. With the grace of God, we see many of them choosing the option of a better life and most importantly, a life with Jesus.

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Our Missions in Other Countries

04-30-2017The Sisters Corner

What do we do in our Missions in South America?

As you know we are a community that was born in Lima (Peru) and we have been serving the Mission of the Lord in two cities, besides Lima: Ayacucho and Ayaviri (both in the highlands of Peru) and additionally in other countries of South America: Ecuador, Colombia and Chile.

Today we would like to share with you two of our projects in Lima (Peru).

We have a school for children with physical disabilities: “La Alegria en el Senor” (“The Joy in the Lord”), where we teach and pair them with teachers and volunteers, giving them all the help that we can with a professional staff that assists the children within the school. We also offer foster care for children from ages 3 to 5 years old, where we are in charge of the administration
and we accompany them and teach them the faith in the Lord.

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Holy Shroud continued, A Great Sign of Mercy and Hope that God wants to give us

04-23-2017The Sisters Corner

One of the most beautiful gifts that the Lord has left us is His Face and His Body imprinted on the Holy Shroud. This Sacred Icon of His Love to the end for humanity shows the marks that Jesus had on His entire His Body due to the suffering and His crucifixion.

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday and as we are living together the Passion and the Resurrection of the Lord, we consider the Holy Shroud as a very strong sign for not forgetting how much He loves us.

Continuing with the last meditation of this beautiful sign, we want to share with you some other thoughts that we, as Servants of the Plan of God, have about it.


The Marks Of An Extreme Love-The Holy Shroud

04-16-2017The Sisters Corner

One of the most beautiful gifts that the Lord has left us is His Face and His Body imprinted on the Holy Shroud. This Sacred Icon of His Love to the end for humanity shows the marks that Jesus had on His entire His Body due to the suffering and His crucifixion.

For us as Servants of the Plan of God, this is a special devotion that shows us the marks of the Love that Jesus has for each one of us. And when we see them it shakes our hearts and makes us want to love in the same way as Jesus.

As these marks were impressed in the moment of the Resurrection of Jesus, they are also a sign of hope! Jesus is alive and is always in our lives in many different ways. We can see Him in our neighbor, especially those who suffer, inviting us to give hope to others by His Love.

Have a beautiful and blessed Easter!!

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Our Devotions- Master of Mercy

04-09-2017The Sisters Corner

“I live by faith in the Son of God,who loved me and gave himself for me”(Gal 2:20)

One of our special devotions is the Master of Mercy. He is Jesus in the image of a small child and that has different signs: His Face expresses happiness and tenderness, in His right hand He is holding His own Sacred Heart that was taken from His chest.

Amid these signs we see that even though He suffered,He was happy to offer His own life to us! And He would be happy to do it again if necessary. Because He truly loves us. In the image of a child we see that His love is free. A child gives their love to others in a simple, innocent and honest way.

For us, as Servants of the Plan of God, we discover that we hunger to receive His Love, to believe more and more in this love. In that way, we are able to love Him and to love the people that Jesus puts in our path with His own Love.

Thank You Lord for Giving Us Such a Beautiful Gift!

04-02-2017The Sisters Corner

The main role of Mary in our consecrated life:For Christ to Mary and through Mary more fully to the Lord Jesus!

The Person who best knows Jesus and follows His steps perfectly, with a lot of love is His Mother: Our Lady/Our Mother.

For us, as Servants of the Plan of God, we discover in Mary a Mother that Jesus given to us as a model of Servant, how to love and follow Him and to learn how to love others with the same Love of Jesus.

Mary’s joy is to bring joy to the Heart of God by giving Him more daughters and sons. She works silently but effectively in our hearts guiding us to be closer to Jesus. She intercedes for our intentions and needs. We learn from her how to serve others and we find ourselves so grateful for having her as THE model as a Servant of The Plan of God.

Thank You Lord for giving us such a beautiful Gift!

Meet Sr. Stephanie

03-26-2017The Sisters CornerSr. Stephanie

I am Sr. Stephanie, I'm from Perú and I am very happy to now be here in Tempe, to serve His Plan and His Mission here and to get to know you.

I'm very grateful that God has chosen me to be His Servant. It has been 9 years since I answered the lovely Call of God.

I had never thought of being a nun, but in my heart I yearned to give my life to people in need. I discovered when I attended a social project for helping poor children that my heart was made to love God through not just one or two people. He was calling me to love Him through all His sons and daughters. The Voice of the Lord hasn’t disappeared from my heart even as the years pass. His Voice continues to call me everyday in many ways: in the people that I encounter, in my sisters of community, and in many situations of a common day. That makes me very happy and it makes me want to love Him more and to follow His steps wherever He takes me. He has given me more than I could have ever imagined!

Meet Sr. Maria Alejandra

03-12-2017The Sisters CornerSr. Maria Alejandra

Being a Servant of the Plan of God… I’m so thankful for God because when He looked at me, He chose me to be a Servant of the Plan of God. I had always wanted to give my life for the needy, especially for those I saw on the street and for the ones who were sick. Growing up I discovered that there were also people who suffer in a spiritual way. I realized that Jesus was inviting me to carry not only my cross, but also the cross of others. Then I met the sisters. It was beautiful for me to see that they have my same desires. Now I can say that I’m extremely happy being with Jesus and a part of His mission in the Servants of the Plan of God.

Meet Sr. Maria Jose

03-05-2017The Sisters CornerSr. Maria Jose

It is an immense display of God´s mercy for me, that God has called me to be a Servant of the Plan of God. Since I was little I always had a great desire to be very close to Jesus. To be a missionary, able to transmit to all people His love. In a world that seeks to eliminate the external signs; He gave me this vocation and the opportunity to wear a habit. Showing with my presence that God exists, that He is alive and that He is the answer to our deepest desires of happiness. He also has given me sisters with the same desires of our hearts. As we support each other to reach our common goal of attaining eternal life in heaven with Him and thus helping many people to be saved.

Sr. Maria Jose