The Sisters Corner

Enjoy re-reading the weekly reflections from the Sisters of The Servants of the Plan of God.

Meet Sister Ximena

01-27-2019The Sisters Corner

Dear family of Our Lady of Mount Carmel,

I am Sister Ximena Pérez from Ecuador. I have been serving the Lord as a Servant of the Plan of God for eleven years, since 2008. For instance, for many years in Peru, I helped in our formation house (the house for novices), children with physical disabilities and women in prison, and in Chile, I servedthe abandoned elderlies.


Meet Sister May

01-20-2019The Sisters Corner

Hi! I’m Sister May, 33 years old, and a member of the Servants of the Plan of God since 2006. I’m so happy and have been longing to join our mission there in Phoenix. I’ve been living and serving in the mission here in Peru for 12 years already.


What a gift!

01-06-2019The Sisters Corner

God wanted to show Himself as a little child, not only to the people of Israel, but to the whole world. Thinking about the different countries where we are, Servants of the Plan of God (in South and North America, Africa and Europe), we are amazed of how God and His Gospel of love is celebrated in so many different cultures and languages and how many places still don’t know Him. And also thinking that the story of our salvation started with a Little Child and how the faith has spread so much that we, being from different countries, have received the faith is a wonderful gift.


Christ is Born

12-30-2018The Sisters Corner

Christmas is already here and we can experience God’s love coming into our lives in so many ways. Jesus wants to come to us in the image of a little child, probably because it is so easy to receive the love of a little child!! We don’t put any barrier for receiving or for giving back this love.


Christmas is coming!

12-23-2018The Sisters Corner

How fast the time goes by and we can’t believe it is almost Christmas! As always, these days are full of many activities. And sometimes it can happenthat we finish Advent and we can see that our hearts are not as prepared as we would want them to be, but God is merciful and always gives us a newchance to come back and be with Him.


Joy Starts to Grow!

12-16-2018The Sisters Corner

Each week we are closer to His coming! ...and the joy starts to grow!! The third candle of our advent wreath is lite now. We want to continue sharing with you some of our traditions during this third week of Advent.


Come Jesus into my heart!

12-09-2018The Sisters Corner

Each week of Advent we have more and more the experience of how close the coming of Jesus is. As probably all of you do, we also decorate our houses with a nativity, with the Christmas tree and improving our decorations each week that pass, expressing our hope and joy, knowing that Jesus is closer now.


Come Jesus!!

12-02-2018The Sisters Corner

Today we start Advent. And you probably do different activities with your family to prepare your hearts to receive more Jesus for Christmas. We would like to share with you one of the ways that our community participates in Advent.


Give Thanks

11-25-2018The Sisters Corner

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever.” (Psalm 136) Some days ago we celebrated Thanksgiving Day, a beautiful holiday that helps us to remember the importance of being grateful everyday of our lives for everything we receive.


Thanksgiving Day is coming!

11-18-2018The Sisters Corner

This is our second year celebrating Thanksgiving Day with you. In our countries, we don’t have an exactly holiday dedicated to giving thanks but we see the beautiful value to be aware of the many gifts we received from God, through our community, family, friends and His many other details.


Mary in Our Lives

11-11-2018The Sisters Corner

Today the Lord invites us to give ourselves to Him and to others with a generous heart. How many examples can we find of this in scripture and in the lives of many we know that are giving their lives to the Lord and for others with so much love?


All Saints Day

11-04-2018The Sisters Corner

Some days ago we celebrated All Saints Day, a very special day for all the Church to celebrate!! As Servants of the Plan we see holiness as avocation that can be lived by everyone, not by doing extraordinary things but as giving ourselves to God, giving Him glory, with every ordinary moment thatGod gives us, to love Him and others.