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Children of a lesser god

10-04-2015Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

How to get away with murder and have your fellow citizens pay for it…

The undercover videos that the Center for Medical Progress has continued to post (you can view them here: reveal two things: Planned Parenthood is engaged in practices that are far more barbaric than had been known and that Planned Parenthood has our federal government firmly in its control.

The videos show clearly that what Planned Parenthood does is well beyond abortion, beyond any legal right to abortion, beyond dealing with a crisis or unwanted pregnancy and certainly not in anyway related to women's health. The videos demonstrate beyond doubt that PP has passed those lines and has entered the land of BARBARISM. The deliberate killing of a child, unborn and born for the purpose of harvesting its body parts to make a profit all under the pretext of "medical research", paid for by our tax dollars.

I know many claim that no tax dollars actually go to performing abortions or dissecting fetus/baby for parts. No our tax dollars just pay for the electricity that powers the vacuums that suck the child limb by limb out of its mother's womb. This organization is now under criminal investigation and at the very least we should suspend any more government support until the investigations are concluded.

But we are being told that defunding PP even temporarily will not happen.

Yes I am familiar with the political landscape: the President has said he will veto a budget that defunds PP and thus shut down the government. Let him do it and let it be seen that he prefers abortion/infanticide to a functioning government. And yes everyone is saying "but the Republicans will get the blame for shutting down the government". Who cares? What is the point of running a government when it permits such acts of barbarity as the live dissection of human babies? From the founding of this nation Americans grew increasingly disgusted that some of its members, the slaves, were treated as children of a lesser god and then fought a civil war to end it. Why does America continue to treat its unborn as children of a lesser god? Will it take another civil war to change this?
Why is it so darn hard to fund the government and not fund abortion? How is it that PP and its supporters have such control of our government? Why do the abortion mobsters have all the power and our Congressmen and Senators crumble at their threats? Is shutting down the government for an extended period if that's what it takes any more extreme than permitting PP to kill and dissect fetuses and live born children to bolster their bottom line?

Many, many of us have worked hard through the political process to support and elect Pro Life candidates. We have done that with great success or so we thought. Now we are being told by many of those we helped elect that despite having majorities in both Houses of Congress they are impotent. Many of our elected officials have hearts that are cold and hardened, they are obsessed with holding on to power and blind to their moral obligation to defend the most defenseless. Their judgement will be harsh. They will not be able to hide behind procedure or that the President had veto power.

What we need to realize is that the long battle that we waged trying to find political solutions has come to an end. There are some who say well if we elect a Pro Life President then things will change. This is a fairy tale because the minority who supports the abortion industry will not be afraid to do what the present Congress is afraid to do. The supporters of abortion have already told us they would, without hesitation, shut the government down indefinitely over this issue. Let there be no mistake: our government is under the sway of the abortion industry, many of our elected officials gladly dance to their tune and many others despite the overwhelming evidence of the criminal, immoral, unethical behavior that happens in abortion clinics are unwilling to stop it. To its credit Planned Parenthood has made itself the pit bull that Congress fears most.

At this point in the historic battle to defend human life at all stages especially in the womb we must begin to reconsider our strategies. Resistance, non-violent always and civil disobedience now need to be on the table. What that looks like individually or on a state level needs to be carefully considered.

Aside from the political dead-end we have hit our outreach to those mothers and fathers who are considering abortion continues full steam. We have begun our Fall 40 Days For Life Campaign and I hope you will join us at the Clinic on Apache Blvd. between now and November 1 from 7am until 7pm each day. Our most important work is done when we commit to walk with women who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy, who need support both spiritually and materially and most importantly need to hear the message of hope and alternatives that they will never get inside the torture dungeons of an abortion clinic.

Love, Fr. John B.