The Sisters Corner

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The Love of God for Us!

12-10-2017The Sisters Corner

This week we light the second candle of our Advent wreath. We are waiting for the Lord Jesus who is coming as a little child for us. The joy that we have grows stronger week by week!

As you know we like music and we all enjoy singing together at the different liturgies that we participate in, as preparation for ourselves. We would like to share with you a song, "En mi pobre establo" (In my poor stable). The song was written at a time when a sister from our  order traveled to Africa. She went to one of the poorest places in Angola. While there she encountered a very poor family that lived in very poor housing, very much like a hut. Our sister was struck by the thought of how much this place must be like the poor stable where Jesus was born.

Sometimes to try to prepare our selves for Christmas we do too many things.  We think that He would like to come to us in that time when we have perfect hearts.  But if we meditate in the mystery that Jesus wanted to come to us as a little child, born in a stable, we can see His great love for us. He doesn't want to born in a great palace, He wants to be born in our fragile hearts.

When we realize just how big His love is for us, it fills our hearts with joy. We hope that this song and meditation can help you, too, to prepare  your hearts for receiving Him at Christmas.

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