Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

04-01-2018The Sisters Corner

During this Lenten time, we have experienced God's love and grace in our hearts working differently both individually and as a community. We also experienced, through our different ministries, the grace of God’s work in those we serve as part of the parish and school.

Two of the ministries that we serve in the parish are RCIA and RE. For Sr. Maria Jose and Sr. Maria Cristina it has been a beautiful experience and as a community for the rest of us as well. . We have been witnesses of the miracles of God in the lives of  the adults and children that have been on their journeys through these two particular programs. We look forward to Sr. Maria Jose and Sr. Maria Cristina’s sharing in the next Sister's corner about these experiences.

Let's  all celebrate this Easter with Christ and let's share the powerful truth that He has risen from the death.

He is alive!!