New people coming into the Church!

04-15-2018The Sisters CornerSr. Maria Jose

It has been such a wonderful blessing for me to witness the ways God has been present and working in the lives of all the RCIA participants during this past year. Some of the many amazing graces have been witnessing as they were getting baptized, receiving Confirmation and First Holy Communion, then fully belonging to the Catholic Church.

All of the sacraments were beautiful; now they are children of God; God who is our Father and who has been taking care of them with so much love during the year. I can honestly say that I have seen how the Lord has been washing their hearts, as He washed feet on that Holy Thursday. “the LORD surrounds his people both now and forever” (Psalm 125:2).

Please continue to keep all of the participants in your prayers as they persevere in their Christian Life.