Mary in Our Lives

11-11-2018The Sisters Corner

Today the Lord invites us to give ourselves to Him and to others with a generous heart. How many examples can we find of this in scripture and in the lives of many we know that are giving their lives to the Lord and for others with so much love?

One of the greatest examples is the Virgin Mary; we can see in her life a continuous offering of herself. For us as Servants of the Plan of God, we discovered the Visitation to her cousin Elizabeth and the Wedding at Cana, two passages that inspire our lives in the way we seek to serve the Lord andothers.

In the Visitation we see how Mary brings to her cousin what is most important: Jesus, and that gives Elizabeth great joy in her heart and in her son’s, that moves her to give glory to God.

In the Wedding at Cana we can see Mary’s reverence with the needs of this couple that just got married. She intercedes for them before Jesus and one of the fruits of this intercession is that his disciple believes in Him.

We seek to serve our brothers and sisters as she did, giving Him glory, showing His love and joy to everyplace He wants us to go, being little instruments of the Lord that with His grace, can help Him in His mission of the salvation of humankind.