Kill Bill?

02-10-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

I’ve had an explosion of feral cats in the back yard lately. It always seems that one of them is having babies. So, to control the population now, I take the kittens as soon as I can from the mother and drown them quickly. It keeps the population down, significantly. Besides the ASCAP wants $35 a piece to euthanize them.

That probably evoked a strong emotional response when you read it. But truth be told, I do not drown kittens, have never drowned kittens and have no intention to ever drown kittens, nor puppies. I even let those black widow spiders that live in the garage alone, beautifully intricate little creatures, albeit filled with toxic femininity. Somehow, some people will be more outraged by someone drowning kittens than someone killing infants. Some will even claim that there is a significant difference between the two. Well, yes there is. One is an act of animal cruelty and the other is murder in the first degree.

At least now we know that the Pro-Choice side is simply all about abortion. Gone is any pretense that suggests abortion should be “safe, legal and rare”. But then again, we always knew that but fooled ourselves into thinking otherwise and that somehow, we could limit the numbers of babies killed by having sensible restrictions. The howling and cheering in New York because of the removal of all restrictions on abortion and the calm, almost nonchalant way the Governor of Virginia described an act of infanticide shows that something truly diabolical has descended on some of our politicians and their supporters. Make no mistake, the hounds of hell are upon us.

It has been sickening to watch the Democrats as soon as they took power either in the House or State Chambers or Governor’s offices, the first thing they did was to bring forth pro-abortion bills. The US House tried to revoke the Hyde Amendment (that prohibits tax dollars from funding abortions) and New York legalized and Virginia tried but failed to legalize infanticide. So now we know when they are elected this is their agenda, so be warned.

Let’s be clear about what we are really talking about here. To have a late-term abortion, a mother has to go through labor and delivery. The only question is whether the infant is killed before, during or after birth. Abortionists do not like killing the child while it is still in the womb since they have to insert sharp instruments in the womb so they can inject the child with a lethal dose of Digitalis, causing a fatal cardiac arrest in the child, those sharp instruments risk perforating the womb. What abortionists prefer is to “partially” deliver the baby and then with its head outside the womb, sever its spinal cord. However, as is sometimes the case a baby can exit the birth canal very quickly, hence the child is fully born, outside the womb completely. The abortionist then severs the spinal cord, killing the newborn.

In the case that the Governor of Virginia referred to, “a non-viable fetus” well since the child is non-viable there is no need for an abortion. Either the child will be delivered stillborn or it will live only for a short time, usually minutes or an hour. If that is the case, why not just have a nurse or someone hold the child until it expires? I have witnessed this many times, after baptizing such babies. I can tell you it is the supreme act of humanity and heroic virtue for a parent to do.

What happened in New York and what was attempted in Virginia is to wipe out all the restrictions that have been placed on abortions. Namely that a licensed medical doctor be present, that an abortion clinic be regulated just as any other outpatient medical clinic, that ultrasound be performed to properly let the mother know the gestational status of the child and give informed consent and many other safeguards that were in place including restricting late-term abortions and infanticide. However, there is a good chance that God will write straight with crooked lines and that this new law in New York will become the case that the Supreme Court uses to get rid of Roe v. Wade. How ironic would that be? Let’s hope so.

By the way, I do have a feral cat that took up residence in the back yard about 12yrs ago. I call him Bill. Bill does not let any other cat come over the wall into the yard, ever. He has his borders fully secured! Long live Bill!

Fr. John B.