Lord, print your image on us

03-10-2019The Sisters Corner

This is the first Sunday of Lent. And Jesus invites us to put our lives more in Him, living

more with our eyes fixed on God who gave Himself for each of us. He shows us how much He loves us and we are called to love others. We have a special devotion to the Holy Shroud of Turin. When we join the community and we make our first promise, we receive a

medal of the Holy Shroud. For that day, we prepare our hearts and study of the Holy Shroud through the medical, scientific

and historical investigation. Later we present that work to the Sisters in the Formation Center.

We see how important it is to always remember that we are following Jesus, who has suffered and died on the Cross, and is also risen. We, as Servants of the Plan of God, are just instruments of His love to others and when we encounter those in need, it is Christ in need that we are serving. All the Sisters keep this medal with them during all their lives.

Let's start this special time of Lent, having our hearts opened to receive Him more in us, so we can be also images of Him to others.