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Yesterday Came Suddenly…

11-24-2019Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

Twenty years ago, on a Sunday when the Eagles defeated the Cardinals, I arrived at Mt. Carmel. I was not sure of what kind of welcome that would inspire but here I am still. At that point the Country was still trying to figure out who should be President or not, because of hanging chads, Bush or Gore. And here we are now with Impeach-a-palozza trying to figure out who should be President or not. I guess some things change and still remain the same.

From my end and I hope from yours there is much to be grateful for:

Those who find a home in the land of the giant cactus
Palm trees that look like cell phone towers or maybe it’s the other way
That keep us connected to one another
And the Church, the Mass that keep us connected
To the Lord

Sicknesses that teach us compassion
Words that lift up weary hearts
Hands raised in blessing
Feet that rush to a neighbor’s side
Eyes filled with affection

The preschooler who goes to “Lady o’ caramels” school
Teachers who teach us new things
Teachers who teach grade school for 32yrs
The “pal” in principal
Tax credits for education and charities

For God and Country,
Soldiers and veterans who are 101years old
Periods of persecution that make us stronger and wiser,
New beginnings, second chances, one more time, an open mind.

50 years of the Church in Phoenix
87 for our patch of the Church in Tempe
New parishes, new High School, new Seminary
Dean, deanery and jobs not applied for but gotten
Boards, committees and subcommittees, (maybe)

The Families of Mt. Carmel,
Husbands and wives who do what comes naturally
Spouses who are married to their spouse and not their jobs
Teens who come FullCircle
Parents who come FullCircle

Monica, Cristina, Maria Jose
May and Ximena
Who cause mischief, delight and excitement

Stewardship, time, talent and treasure and Grants
Donors, anonymous givers and generous hearts
Capital campaigns that help
Keep Mt. Carmel great!

Mothers who mother us all
Cooks who know how to cook, pot roast, homemade jams
Lemon merengue pie
Even the last piece

Those who have gone before us in faith
Who have pointed the way forward
And have walked the walk
And pray for our daily survival.

So much to be thankful for after twenty years. From my heart to yours, I hope you feel the gratitude in my heart for all of you. One thing I have learned: gratitude never gets old, even if I do! Happy Thanksgiving!


Fr. John B