01-05-2020The Sisters Corner

We have celebrated Christmas where God became God-with-us through Jesus, Emmanuel. It's a very special season to allow Him to touch our hearts by His great and tender love. Seeing Jesus as a little child always invites us to come closer with confidence and a deep trust knowing that He is there, waiting as He waited to be welcomed by people with simple hearts like the shepherds. But the Child Jesus was not only found by the humble shepherds, but the wise men from the east also did.

Today we celebrate the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord. We see how these wise men were capable of seeing God's signs and listening to their restless hearts that moved them to follow The Star. Seeking God's signs and listening to our restless hearts lead us to an encounter, The Encounter! May God grant us the grace to do this every day in very simple and ordinary things because He continually draws us to Him with His truth and through this longing for an encounter. He is the One who wants us to find Him to fill us with His love and mercy. And as we encounter Him, may we be moved to help others find Him and to share His light to others through our daily lives. Let us learn from Mary, who knew how to lovingly and faithfully seek God and His Plan and bring Jesus to others, especially those who need Him most.