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Mixed Metaphors

05-17-2020Fr. John LettersFr. John Bonavitacola

Dear Friends,

Now for something entirely different. Well not really. But I think we are all tired about hearing about coronavirus/ Pandemic. But it looks like the Apocalypse didn't happen. Now to something we are also tired of hearing about and another Apocalypse that also didn't happen, namely Take-down-Trump. It seems like he really lives by the saying: “I’m rubber you’re glue; it bounces off me and sticks on you.” Everything including the kitchen sink has been thrown and him and he’s still standing. At every turn we were told, “this is the 800lb gorilla in the room” but it seems to all have been a venomous melody.

It all began with the Access Hollywood tape, so strategically leaked as the October surprise. For sure his goose was cooked but that did not sink his ship. Then along came Stormy Daniels and Michael Avennati and that didn't drain his tub. Next up was all things Russia for a long time and for sure Mueller was going to flatten his tires but even that didn't flap his jacks. Then came the poison pill, something I as a lifelong American never considered: that we Americans hold as our highest and most sacred duty is to provide military aid to a foreign nation, promptly. Impeachment was the solution for such a betrayal. But even that did not burst his bubble. Interspersed among these was his personal lawyer Michael Cohen who was the smoking gun but turned rat yet never ate his cheese. George Papadopoulos would burn Trump’s toast. But surely Gen. Flynn would torpedo his boat. Or Carter Page would be take the wind out of his sails. Roger Stone would spill the beans and rain on his parade. But no. Manafort was the Ace in the hole who would tie the noose. Yet none of them pickled his peas. And don't forget the all-important emoluments clause in the Constitution. Surely the King of Tonga, staying at a Trump Hotel would be the silver bullet. But even that didn't bounce his checks. Now all hope is pinned on getting his tax returns and family business records, a dark horse for sure but this just may jump the shark.

So, either we are watching a really brilliant reality TV show or something else is at work. Grant it, history has many cunning passages and contrived corridors. Are we seeing the wheels of justice grind slowly or is all this just a fool’s errand, a shot in the dark, or an endless game of Clue? Love him or hate him or cover yourself with a blanket of indifference, you have to admit that President Trump is the most investigated person ever. He is also one of the most resilient people ever, takes a-lickin but keeps on tickin.

But the sunlight that was being cast on his alleged high crimes and misdemeanors is now shining on those who set the plot in motion. Endless investigations are just a political tool used to cripple an opponent. But when you use the Justice system to entrap people, lure them into perjury traps, set them up for process crimes then you have crossed a line that must be defended. Looks like Attorney General Barr is finally shooting the pink elephant in the room.

You might be thinking, “I could care less, Trump deserves all he is getting, you know fools and their money.” But you should care about justice because injustice towards one is injustice towards all. The power of the Justice system is far reaching as a spider’s web. If you care about things like equal justice and racial justice than you should be outraged at what has happened at the top of our government. If a President and associates are being corralled into plea deals and false confessions than what do you think can happen to the inner-city minority kid who has zero recourse to advocacy. Why do you think so many people have been freed from death row in recent years? We should all applaud Mr. Barr for helping to keep the “just” in justice.

I realize it is a bitter pill to swallow for many and it may make some pop their cork, go ballistic, go ape, hit the roof, blow your top, freak out or just plain lose it, but looks like President Trump is not the Manchurian candidate. But something is rotten in Denmark.


Fr. John B.